Sarah Palin Blames Son’s Arrest on PTSD, Obama’s Treatment of Veterans (Video)

“It starts from the top,” former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate says

Sarah Palin addressed what she called “the elephant in the room” on Wednesday during a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she mentioned her son Track’s recent domestic violence arrest — and put a good share of the blame on President Obama.

Palin slammed the commander in chief for leaving America’s wounded warriors behind.

“I can talk personally about this,” the one-time vice presidential candidate said. “My own family going through what we’re going through today with my son, a combat vet having served in a striker brigade, fighting for you all, America, in the war zone.”

As TheWrap reported earlier, Palin’s 26-year-old son, Track, an Iraq War veteran, was charged Tuesday with assault, interfering with the report of a domestic violence crime and possessing a weapon while intoxicated. The charges stemmed from an alleged drunken incident involving his girlfriend in Wasilla, Alaska, on Monday.

“It’s a shame that our military personnel even have to wonder, if they have to question, if they’re respected any more,” Palin went on to say. “It starts from the top.”

She said wanted vets to look at the president and wonder, “Do you know what we go through … to secure America?”

Palin told the audience that her son’s struggles have made her realize how important it is to choose the right president during the 2016 presidential race.

“It is now or never,” said the former Alaska governor, who endorsed Donald Trump a day earlier. “For the sake of America’s finest that we have that commander-in-chief who will respect them and honor them.”