Sarah Palin Channel Mocked on Twitter With Terrible Ideas for TV Shows

“The Amazing Racist,” “Clueless” and “I Love Lucy But Deport Ricky” are a few of titles suggested with the #PalinTVShows hashtag

Sarah Palin announced her own online video channel this week, and now Twitter users are uniting under a common hashtag to fill out its programming slate.

#PalinTVShows, as anyone could have guessed, mocks the conservative politician turned TV star’s many follies and controversial opinions that have gained national notoriety since she campaigned alongside John McCain for the White House in 2008.

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The fun began Monday morning when “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” co-creator and former head writer Lizz Winstead tossed out the hashtag while asking if it’s “a thing yet.”

Now it’s a top trend on Twitter, and suggestions are flying in by the second.

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Here are more than a few that Palin and the paid-subscription channel’s executives, Jeff Gaspin and Jon Klein, probably won’t actually consider: