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‘SNL’ Gives Steve Urkel the Dark Reboot Treatment (Video)

”Did I do that?“ Chris Redd’s Urkel asks as he beats some guy to a pulp

What would a gun-wielding Steve Urkel be like? Last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” has your answer.

With all the hype surrounding “Bel-Air,” the gritty reboot of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” executive produced by Will Smith, “SNL” thinks more beloved series of the 90s deserve a dark remake. So, during this week’s episode, they created a trailer for “Urkel,” a gritty reboot of “Family Matters.” Only this time, the character is not necessarily the adorkable underdog.

“Chicago. People from outside call it Chi-raq, but I call it home,” an intense voiceover from Chris Redd, who plays the beloved character in the pre-recorded sketch says. “”Round here, ain’t no good news in the newspapers page. Only advantage I got? My mind.”

Like “Bel-Air,” this show is executive produced by the actor who originally played the iconic character — Jaleel White. You can watch the full trailer in the video above.

As the trailer goes on, we see Urkel once again pining over Laura Winslow. Though, as a different voiceover notes, she’s not nearly as fun as the original character. “The goofy characters you loved in the 90s, with absolutely none of the fun or charm,” it promises.

After being turned away by Laura, Urkel still watches her, until he eventually comes face to face with her actual romantic interest, who of course doesn’t respect her at all and is only in it for the physical component of things.

At that point, Steve Urkel snaps, punching the guy in the face, and repeatedly beating him as he chants his famous catchphrase: “Did I do that?” Things quickly escalate, resulting in Urkel pulling out his gun and threatening “What if I shot you in the face?! Should I do that?”

Don’t worry, Laura’s cop father shows up in time to stop Urkel from murdering someone in cold blood. But just know — he’s capable of doing so in this series.