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‘Save Yourselves!’ Trailer: Unplugged Millennials Manage to Miss an Alien Invasion (Video)

Sundance hit from Bleecker Street opens theatrically on Oct. 2

In the first trailer for “Save Yourselves!,” a comedy sci-fi that was a Sundance darling, a young millennial couple decides to unplug from their phones and travel to a cabin upstate — only for them to be blissfully unaware when aliens invade and quickly destroy civilization.

“Save Yourselves!” stars John Reynolds and Sunita Mani as the clueless couple now working to survive the alien invasion, not to mention figure out how to even function without the help of their smartphones.

“We don’t have any skills,” Mani says in the trailer. “I’ve been wanting to Google ‘How to build a trap to catch a rabbit’ so bad,” Reynolds replies.

The good news is that the aliens in “Save Yourselves!” are all adorable little colored poof balls that look like fluffy pillows or decorations, and the couple will figure out how to survive with or without WiFi and cell reception.

“Save Yourselves!” was written and directed by Alex H. Fischer and Eleanor Wilson, and the movie co-stars Ben Sinclair, John Early, Jo Firestone, Gary Richardson, Johanna Day, Zenobia Shroff and Amy Sedaris alongside stars Reynolds and Mani.

When the cast and directors spoke to TheWrap at Sundance earlier this year, the directors said they conceived of the movie when they wondered “What’s the worst thing that could happen” if someone were to unplug in this way. And though they didn’t predict that we’d all be somewhat unplugged from the rest of the world during the coronavirus, “Save Yourselves!” feels even more prescient now.

“What’s happening in real life is worse. The slow death of the planet is more dramatic, but we went with the four-day end of world,” Fischer said back in January.

The film will open theatrically on October 2 and then will debut on digital on Oct. 6

Watch the first trailer for “Save Yourselves!” above.