Saweetie Teases Upcoming Film Project: ‘Acting Is a Whole Different Ball Game’ | Video

Power Women Summit: The Grammy-nominated rapper discusses her various partnerships and explains why she leads with kindness

Saweetie has a role in an upcoming movie, but she’s staying mum on the details.

“I just left a movie set so I’m excited about that,” the Grammy-nominated rapper said at TheWrap’s Power Women Summit on Tuesday. “I really appreciate being in other creative settings. I feel like it makes me more creative and I love seeing how other creatives work.”

After appearing in shows like “Grown-ish” and “Bel-Air,” Saweetie told fans she would return to acting, noting that she filmed a “really big TV show” ahead of the writers’ strike in a Billboard interview.

“Acting is a whole different ballgame than music,” Saweetie said during Tuesday’s artist spotlight, which was moderated by USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative founder and director Dr. Stacy Smith. “It’s not my set, it’s someone else’s set, so it’s a lot of learning to be done in these next couple of days.”

The musician didn’t provide any additional information on the movie’s details, but did tell the Power Women Summit audience she enjoys dressing up as iconic comic book characters at Halloween.

“For the past couple of Halloweens I’ve been dressing up as Harley Quinn, Mystique [and] Catwoman,” she said. “I really enjoy a woman who’s determined to just be herself in a world where sometimes that’s hard to be, so shout out for my superheroes and my supervillains who are women.”

The multi-hyphenate performer and entrepreneur has dipped her toe into several different industries, including fashion and skin care, as well as several brand partnerships like her recent “Swipe-Off” collaboration with Tinder, which offers the university with the most activity on the dating app a free concert headlined by Saweetie.

“When it comes to collaborating, I feel like you should always believe in the partnership,” she said. “I always make sure that I believe in the product, I believe in the people so that when we join in a partnership, it’s fruitful, it’s genuine and it can be lucrative for both parties.”

In addition to her business ventures, Saweetie founded the Icy Baby Foundation with her grandmother, which aims to improve financial literacy across Black and brown communities. Throughout her career, she said she has led with kindness, pointing to a recent interaction with an associate who ended up apologizing for a rude outburst they had after Saweetie asked them questions about how they were feeling.

“You have to be really careful with your words,” she said. “Don’t only just be kind to your peers, be kind to people who may not feel like a peer, good or bad because I feel like if you’re good to people it will eventually be reciprocated.”

Watch the full interview above.

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