Why Scarlett Johansson Might Have a Case Against Disney in ‘Black Widow’ Pay Suit | Analysis

”Transparency has been the biggest issue of all of this,“ one analyst says

Scarlett Johansson rocked Hollywood on Thursday by suing Disney for lost income from its decision to release “Black Widow” on both Disney+ and in theaters — and multiple insiders say the actress appears to have a case against the megastudio she’s called home for 11 years.

What’s more, if she can prove damages, Disney may have to pay Johansson even more than the $50 million windfall that insiders told the Wall Street Journal she stood to gain from the Marvel film hitting box office-based targets. And Johansson may not be the only Disney star who stands to gain.

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Beatrice Verhoeven, PWS

Beatrice Verhoeven

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