‘Scream Queens’ Mocks Taylor Swift in Halloween Episode Sneak Peek (Video)

Horror-comedy series’ Halloween episode to air Oct. 6

Chanel Oberlin’s generosity is rivaled only by that of Taylor Swift.

In a sneak peek of next Tuesday’s episode of “Scream Queens,” Emma Roberts‘ queen bee delivers “Chanel-o-ween” gifts to her fan, in a sequence parodying the pop star’s Swift-mas video.

Last year, Swift posted a video to her YouTube page of her surprising some of her fans with Christmas gifts, including jewelry, clothing and cookies. The “Scream Queens” version subs severed heads, razor apples and boxes full of blood.

“Halloween is the most important day of the year,” she says in the clip. “It’s the one day on the Gregorian calendar where you’re allowed to go around terrifying children and not be branded a psychopath.”

As in the original video, her fans squeal in delight as they unwrap their gifts and read the handwritten letters that accompanied them. “I can’t wait to see you in person,” reads one letter. “But before that, I’d like to see you post this all over social media to exploit it for my own gain. Happy Chanel-o-ween.”

Watch the video.