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Seal Remembers David Bowie (Video)

Prepping for a TV version of a role that Bowie performed more than 25 years earlier, the singer pays homage to a ”huge, huge influence“

Seal took time away from prepping for his portrayal of Pontius Pilate in Sunday’s live two-hour presentation of “The Passion” on Fox to remember his friend David Bowie, more than two months after his death.

The influence of Bowie, who died in Manhattan on Jan. 10 of liver cancer, still reverberates through pop culture, something that Seal said is often overlooked by the people to whom his contributions should most matter.

Seal told The Huffington Post it was doubtful that “young people today realize how much of modern pop culture, particularly in music and fashion, … how much of it can be owed to David Bowie and what he was doing back then.”

“If you look at anyone who in the last sort of 10 or 15, 20 years that’s had an impact on popular music, you can almost certainly trace a lot of it, or some of it … back to David Bowie,” Seal said.

For the singer, Bowie was a “huge, huge influence. I just loved his … braveness, his artistic integrity, just refusing to compromise,” Seal said. “What a way to go out. He scripted his own departure, you know, he performed his death, right to the very end. I was lucky enough to know him and work with him early on in my career, and he was just extraordinary. … He was just so fearless, which is what I admired about him.”

Seal’s role, as Pontius Pilate, is the same role the Bowie himself played in Martin Scorsese‘s “The Last Temptation of Christ.”

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