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Hannity Complains ‘Asshole’ Seth Meyer Isn’t Great at Memes (Video)

The Fox News host thought he was qualified to offer Meyers some tips on how to be funny

As he often does, Sean Hannity ranted on his show Thursday night about something that is certainly not within his realm of expertise: comedy. In particular, he was mad about NBC late night host Seth Meyers ripping him a new one the previous night.

Meyers went after Hannity on Wednesday for continuing to demonize Democratic efforts to institute gun control laws that could help prevent mass shootings — something Hannity doesn’t seem to keen on doing.

“Let’s dispense with this ridiculous lie that has become canon on the right. That standing up to any sensible gun safety legislation means standing up for the second amendment,” Meyers said on Wednesday. “It’s one of the greatest cons in the history of politics. For most of American history, the idea that the second amendment guarantees an individual right to own whatever gun you want was never even contemplated.”

Hannity took exception at Meyers’ jabs in typically incoherent fashion.

“You want to call me sociopathic, which you have called many others before, like Trump, like Karl Rove, you use the word a lot,” Hannity said, “but you’re just another limousine liberal, socialist, hypocritical asshole who does nothing but spew anti-GOP hate and as virtually nothing positive or productive to add to any political dialogue. You have zero credibility, zero integrity, zero interest in what the truth is, especially about complicated issues, and that’s why very few people watch your show. And you’re not funny, ever.”

It’s ironic for Hannity to say something else isn’t concerned with the truth after Fox News paid out a massive settlement to the family of a murdered DNC staffer because Hannity refused to stop spreading lies about how he died. The network also defended Tucker Carlson against a defamation suit by saying that Tucker isn’t in the business of telling the truth. So Fox News is very much living in a glass house every time one of its talking heads complains about other people not telling the truth.

In any case, Hannity then brought on guests to complain about how Meyers is bad comedy. One of them, Jason Chaffetz, whined that Meyers should try being more like the Babylon Bee, which is an embarrassing right-wing attempt to replicate The Onion. Then Hannity complained about Meyers’ lack of good memes and offered him some comedy tips.

“Occasionally when I read Twitter, I read stuff about me, and I’m gonna be honest, Jason, it’s funny it’s hell. Even the attacks on me, really good funny stuff, people are brilliant, the memes they come up with, all the things they say, and I’m like, that is so clever. I never say that about these late-night hosts,” Hannity said, without offering any examples of memes he enjoys that are about how awful he is.

“If Donald Trump tripped three times going up the stairs to Air Force One and said the wind blew him over, I think that that material writes itself. As a matter of fact every time Joe speaks it’s basically writing the show for them every night if they’d ever used the material.”

Hannity’s other guest for the segment, The Hill’s Joe Concha, called Meyers and other late night hosts “cowards” for not pandering to far-right Republicans because “god forbid we offend our viewers who might vote Democrat.” If Concha understood the extreme amount of irony of making that comment on Fox News, he didn’t show it.