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Sean Hannity Doesn’t Know How to Pronounce ‘Despacito’ (Video)

Sean Hannity opened his show on Wednesday by acting like he’s not familiar with one of the most popular songs of the century

“Despacito” is a hugely popular song, with the Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee hit pulling just under 7 billion plays on YouTube since it was released in 2017. But Sean Hannity opened his Fox News show on Wednesday with an attempt to clown Joe Biden for playing the song off his phone at a campaign event this week, but instead he played himself.

Biden was introduced at the event, in Kissimmee, Fla., by Fonsi — and he began his comments by pulling out his phone and played a part of “Despacito” into the microphone in a moment that went viral on Wednesday. And Hannity tried to get in on the fun by admitting he apparently doesn’t know anything about the song — the Justin Bieber remix, by the way, was no. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 for 16 straight weeks, a record that has only been surpassed by Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.”

In other words, “Despacito” is popular with basically everyone. Except Sean Hannity, apparently.

“First we begin tonight — prepare to crawl out of your skin, because yesterday Joe Biden was trying so hard to pander for Hispanic Americans to vote for him in Florida that he actually started a speech by playing, well, the, it’s the song called ‘Despacito,’ which is on his cell phone,” Hannity said, thoroughly butchering the title of the song.

“That’s a well-known song and some great singers there, it’s a little interesting story behind it.”

“Hannity” then played the clip that went viral of Biden playing the song on his phone.

“Corrected. Despacito,” Hannity said, correctly, after the clip played.

Then Hannity said, in poor Spanish, that he actually studied Spanish in school for three years. And insisted that he does know “porquito” Spanish.

Hannity also talked about this whole deal on his radio show on Wednesday, erroneously crediting the song to Ricky Martin. Martin was also at the event, but he did not perform in “Despacito.”

You can see Hannity’s gaffe in the video embedded in this article.