Sean Hannity Rips CNN’s ‘Alt-Left’ Brian Stelter as ‘Purveyor of Fake News’ (Video)

Fox News host calls Stelter “arguably the most biased offender toward President-elect Trump”

Sean Hannity used his opening monologue on Fox News Monday night to rip his “alt-left mainstream media” rivals, going particularly hard after CNN’s Brian Stelter.

“The abusively biased press, they just don’t get it because outlets like the Clinton News Network, NBC News, remember those people? They were caught colluding with the Clinton campaign. They don’t get what is really going on in this country,” Hannity said. “Donald Trump obviously gets it. That’s probably one of the big reasons he won the election.”

Hannity said the “alt-left mainstream media” doesn’t have a clue and “they don’t want to have one, either.”

The conservative host referred to Stelter as a “little pipsqueak” and “Jeff Zucker’s stenographer” before saying he is “arguably the most biased offender toward President-elect Trump.”

Hannity then played a clip from Sunday’s episode of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” in which Stelter’s use of the word “authoritarian” to describe Trump angered Hannity.

Hannity then said CNN is “not a real news network” and called Stelter “completely biased” and a “purveyor of fake news.”

Stelter thanked Hannity for the publicity in his daily newsletter: “Sean Hannity led Monday night’s ‘Hannity’ by accusing me of bias and calling me a ‘pipsqueak’ again. He also played several choice clips from Sunday’s ‘Reliable Sources.’ They were the exact same clips I would have chosen if Hannity’s producer had said, ‘Brian, what part of Sunday’s show would you like to make sure Fox News viewers see?’”

NBC News’ Chuck Todd was the next victim of Hannity’s monologue, who the Fox News host called an “overpaid, media elite” who should go try some “blue-collar work.”

Back in September, Hannity threatened to sue CNN for slander after Stelter told PBS’ “Charlie Rose” that conservative figures like Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones would like to see Hillary Clinton dead.

“What does — how do I get an apology from CNN? I would love to sue them for slander when they say, ‘Oh, he wants Hillary on her death bed and dead,’ when I said just the opposite,” he said on Premiere Radio Networks’ “The Sean Hannity Show”

Watch the video above to see Hannity’s full monologue.