Sean Hannity Rages Against ‘Menacing’ Olive Garden Joke Tweet (Video)

The Fox News host said it would be “a sad day in my life” if he was ever banned from Olive Garden

To say Fox News host Sean Hannity was annoyed by the joke tweet circulating Friday that Olive Garden revoked his “lifetime pasta pass” would be an understatement. Hannity spent an entire segment of his show Friday night railing against the “menacing” bit of satire.

Hannity’s specific complaint is that Twitter would suspend Donald Trump for inciting violence against the government, while allowing this joke to remain on the site.

The segment played like a commercial for Olive Garden.

“I’ve said many times this week, I love Olive Garden. They have unlimited salad, the most delicious garlic breadsticks, great pasta. Yeah, they have clubs. You can get pasta for life, as much as you can eat. Hot doughnuts with chocolate or caramel, you put it on top, powdered sugar, awesome,” Hannity said.

And then he went totally off the rails.

“But today a menacing report surfaced that Olive Garden had revoked my never-ending pasta pass,” Hannity said, struggling with the concept of satire like so many other prominent conservatives often do.

“I never signed up for the pasta pass, first of all, it’s fake news. And by the way, um, I still plan on ordering from my local Olive Garden or wherever I happen to be traveling soon. Unless they ban me, which would be very, very sad, a sad day in my life.”

Hannity noted he confirmed with Olive Garden that he wasn’t banned from eating there.

Oddly enough, Hannity cited TheWrap’s article about the tweet in question in his angry denunciation of the funny joke.

In case you were wondering, the Olive Garden lifetime pasta pass is a real thing. And I can’t help but wonder: if Hannity really loves the restaurant chain so much, why doesn’t he have a pasta pass?

You can check out this whole bit of Hannity nonsense in the video embedded at the top of this article.

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