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Sean Hannity Caught Vaping On Air, Gives Guilty ‘Uh-Oh!’ (Video)

The Fox News host was seen after a commercial break with what appeared to be a Juul hanging from his mouth

Sean Hannity was caught vaping on air Thursday night when his Fox News show Hannity came back from commercial break.

“Uh-oh,” exclaimed the veteran primetime host, whose glasses appeared askew as he puffed a flat vape that appeared to be a standard Juul. Hannity was looking down, seemingly at his phone, and then to the side, where, presumably, he realized he was on live television. Hannity stared directly into the camera, quickly ripped the vape from his mouth, and a little thud was heard as he discarded whatever was in his hand.

Reactions on Twitter poured in quickly, of course, with some offering up a digital eye-roll and others cutting the man from slack. After all, many have been working from home for the past year during the pandemic, and personal and professional lives have certainly blended in unexpected ways. Rumors of the television star’s fondness for vapes have cropped up in political reporting over the past few years.

The “Hard Factor News” podcast branded Hannity a “VAPE GOD” while vape reviewer and enthusiast Mike Vapes used the clip to alert his 11,000 followers that “yep,” Hannity still vapes. (There have been FDA crackdowns on Juul pod flavors and flavored disposables in recent months.)

Among reactions, the laughing-crying emoji was abundant.

Watch below, via Fox News.