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Sean Hannity Wants to Educate ‘Dumb and Ignorant’ Russell Brand on Israel-Gaza Conflict (Video)

Brand criticized the Fox News personality for pushing his perspective on guests by shouting at them

Sean Hannity has fired back at “dumb and ignorant” comedian Russell Brand, who called Hannity “childish,” “rude” and “unreasonable” a day earlier for screaming down a Palestinian-American guest while defending his position on the Gaza-Israel conflict.

“Not funny… I feel so bad that Russell doesn’t like my style of interviewing. Unfortunately, this out of work actor didn’t stop at stylistic critiques,” Hannity said during a segment (above) on Wednesday before showing  a clip of Brand sympathizing with Hamas fighting tactics. “Russell, if you’re watching, and I’m sure you will, take a close look at your TV, because I need to educate you, because you’re kind of dumb and ignorant.”

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Hannity proceeded to flash the Hamas declaration to “obliterate” Israel, and revealed a three-person panel to help him pile on Brand, who they described as “a doofus” and a “skanky” meth cook that sounds funny when he talks.

They did, however, agree with Brand’s observation that Hannity looks a lot like the Ken doll from “Toy Story 3.”

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Brand, who has been regularly roasting media personalities on his web series “The Trews,” took issue with Hannity’s one-sided approach to analyzing issues.

“He’s not interested in truth,” Brand said. “Sean Hannity is only interested in pushing a perspective.”

Brand mocked: “‘I didn’t take a job on Fox News because I’m interested in progress. I’m interested in shouting and pointing and simplifying things.”

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Fox Business Network correspondent Dagen McDowell took advantage of the discussion topic to criticize other Hollywood stars, including Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, for condemning Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

“To get back to these celebrities that are pro-Palestine and increasingly anti-Israel, why don’t they go after Hamas?” McDowell asked. “Why don’t they tell Hamas to stop using hospitals as command centers and using civilian sites for military purposes? Because they increasingly sound just like Russell Brand, like they’re drinking cocktails of stupidity and bigotry.”

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Watch Brand’s segment, which has Hannity and friends up in arms, below:

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