Sean Penn to Publish Novel He Originally Released Under Pen Name Pappy Pariah

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” set for March 27 release

Sean Penn
Getty Images

Sean Penn will expand and re-release a story he once published under the pen name Pappy Pariah, the actor announced on Monday.

The novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is scheduled to be released by Atria Books on March 27, 2018. The story was originally released in Oct. 2016 as an audiobook narrated by Penn.

The book will tell the story of a middle-aged, divorced, disillusioned man living in a nondescript house on a nondescript street in Woodview, California. The character is described as “a man of many trades–sewage specialist, purveyor of pyrotechnics, contract killer for a mysterious government agency that pays in small bills.”

“It was soon after I finished narrating the short audio of ‘Bob Honey’ that I began to feel I had only scratched the surface of this story I wanted to tell,” Penn said in a statement. “Expanding that original idea into a fully-realized novel has been an exciting challenge, made tenable thanks to my thoughtful and rigorous editor, Peter Borland, and the supportive team at Atria. I look forward to sharing this novel with readers very soon.”

“Sean Penn, already acclaimed for his landmark work in film and journalism, makes a bold entrance in the literary world this inventive, provocative novel that showcases all of his gifts as a storyteller,” added Atria’s Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, Peter Borland.