Newsmax Host Sebastian Gorka Cuts Off MyPillow CEO’s Debunked Voting Machine Claims Amid Legal Threat (Video)

After a legal threat from Smartmatic, Newsmax aired statements clarifying there has been no evidence of fraud in voting machines

Sebastian Gorka
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Newsmax host Sebastian Gorka cut off guest Mike Lindell on-air after the MyPillow CEO started to spread a conspiracy theory about voting machines.

Earlier in the day, Newsmax hosts read a prepared statement about Smartmatic and Dominion voting machines, saying no evidence of fraud had been found in connection to either brand. The statement — which said Newsmax’s hosts had never reported that the machines were responsible for fraud and only guests had suggested it — came in response to a legal threat from Smartmatic.

“The biggest fraud is the Dominion machines,” began Lindell, the conservative founder of the bedding manufacturing company. “At 11:15 on Election Night, our great president … ”

“Mike. Mike. I don’t want to discuss — Mike. Mike. We’re not going to get into the minutiae of the details,” cut in Gorka.

Lindell is one of President Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters and he, like others, have appeared on Newsmax and other conservative-leaning channels to throw support behind Trump’s baseless claims that there was widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. Over the weekend, Lindell pleaded with Trump over Twitter to “please impose martial law in these 7 states and get the machines/ballots!”

The seven states referenced were unclear and that tweet is now deleted.

Watch Gorka and Lindell’s exchange, below:


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