‘Secret Invasion’ Director Ali Selim Reveals the Only 2 Things He Was Told to Set Up for the MCU Future

“I didn’t feel any constraints,” the director tells TheWrap

Marvel Studios

Note: Spoilers ahead for the “Secret Invasion” season finale on Disney+

“Secret Invasion” isn’t so secret anymore, with the finale dropping on Wednesday on Disney+. And, while it doesn’t necessarily set up a ton of stuff for the future of the MCU — at least not explicitly — there were a few things that director Ali Selim was told to include.

In the finale, we see Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) get almost fully back to his old self, saving the president — and in turn, the world — with the help of a small, but crafty team. It’s a grueling fight, but they do manage to stop Gravik and release the humans that the Skrulls had kidnapped and simmed.

All that accomplished, Fury headed back up to space, which is presumably where we’ll find him when “The Marvels” hits theaters in November. And that was one of just two things Selim was told by Marvel to include in his finale.

“I didn’t feel any constraints. All I was told is, Fury’s got to go up. That was it,” Selim explained to TheWrap. “So we just had to have Fury go up at the end, and it would be great if Rhodey — if his legs didn’t work. And that’s it.”

Indeed, Colonel James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) — the real one — was among those that had been kidnapped and impersonated. When G’iah (Emilia Clarke) wakes him, she explains that he’s been with the Skrulls “for a long time.”

Long enough, it seems, that the real Rhodey never actually learned how to walk again, as he was seen doing at the end of “Captain America: Civil War.” So, has he been a Skrull since then? Selim knows, but he would rather fans piece that together themselves.

“It’s heavily implied in the show, and I like the fact that it’s implied,” he said. “Because I think it’s a lot more fun for audiences to go back and explore every Rhodey moment in the MCU, and look at it in a different light now that they have this kind of conclusive piece of information.”

Beyond getting Fury back to space and making sure Rhodey couldn’t walk, Selim said he didn’t need to explicitly set anything else up, and didn’t push to know exactly what he was laying the groundwork for when it comes to the upcoming Marvel movie “Armor Wars,” which will star Cheadle.

“Don and I talked endlessly about ‘Armor Wars,’ but mostly just to make sure that what we were doing would make sense to him when he got to ‘Armor Wars,’” Selim said. “And Sam and I never talked about what was next, because he just walked to the space elevator and I fulfilled my obligation to get him up.”

All episodes of “Secret Invasion” are now streaming on Disney+.