Watch Fiery Batman and Two-Face Ablaze in Portrait Made of Gunpowder, Sand (Video)

You won’t guess what’s revealed after the fire burns away

A Norwegian tattoo artist is igniting Instagram with a unique portrait of Batman and his foe, Two-Face. Using only markers, gunpowder and sand, artist Dino Tomic has created a portrait of Batman and his enemy with a fiery twist. As one side of Two-Face’s face burns away, black sand protects the other half of his face. Watch the video all the way to the end to see the coolest part.

Tomic wrote on Instagram, “I really love experimenting and making things interesting fresh and new.”

Tomic doesn’t just stick with super heroes and their villains for his gunpowder art. He also has gunpowder portraits of Princess Leia and Darth Vader, Thor and Loki, and animals among others. Tomic says on his Instagram that he’s always open to suggestions — we can think of one Khaleesi whose gunpowder portrait would be fire.

Check out some more gunpowder art below:

Inverted Gun Powder Art The gun powder work you see here is how it looks like before the inverted color.During the video you will sees me applying the inverted color effect. (Turning it on and of during the video ) Had to try this since i did inverted art with all of my other mediums as well =D This was the firs time that the gun powder did not burn all the way since i had so many thin lines of powder – had to reignite them in a few places. I love how all of this gun powder work looks almost like its pixelated. Had a great time on this one =D And if you did not recognize these charters they are Thor and Loki from Marvel =D The next one i will do will hopefully be the most detailed one til now i have a really good idea on what i want to do =D

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