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Selena Gomez Breaks Her Own Rotten Tomatoes Record With a Zero for ‘Behaving Badly’

”It’s an unfunny comedy, populated by irredeemable sociopaths,“ according to one critic

Selena Gomez might want to stay away from the internet for a few weeks because the reviews for her new comedy are in and they’re awful.

The 22-year-old stars as Nina Pennington in “Behaving Badly,” which hit select theaters Friday and was promptly panned by every single critic who reviewed it. To be fair, Rotten Tomatoes only has 10 reviews up so the opinion could certainly evolve in a more favorable direction.

Improbably enough, this isn’t the first time Gomez has found herself dredging the gutter of the popular review aggregate. As TheWrap previously reported, her 2013 flop “The Getaway,” which co-starred Ethan Hawke, flirted with a 0 percent approval rating before eventually rising up to 2 percent.

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But back to her most recent disaster: Directed by  and written by Garrick and Scott Russell, “Behaving Badly” tracks the misadventures of a 16-year-old boy, Rick Stevens (played by Nat Wolff.) Believe it or not, his character has problems far bigger than being saddled with two first names. The young man is desperate to win the affections of Gomez’s character. Maybe he should’ve focused more energy on winning over critics.

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The Examiner’s Travis Hopson loved Wolff as a blind cancer victim in “The Fault in Our Stars,” but he had nothing good to say about the actor’s performance in this failed comedy. “[Wolff] must’ve been blind to agree to this humorless farce that wants to be outrageous and risque but comes up limp,” he wrote in his review.

“Wolff plays Rick, and in the opening moments we get close-up of his crotch followed by the admission he has somehow contracted crabs. Yep, that’s the level of moronic humor that is quickly established and becomes the standard throughout a painful 96 minutes.”

Rich Cline of Contact Music didn’t recommend “Behaving Badly,” but he mercifully found a few redeeming qualities. “It seems to have been written by sniggering teenage boys who can only imagine what it’s like to experience sex, drugs and romance, but they haven’t a clue, really,” he wrote. “Thankfully, the starry cast makes it just about watchable.”

The “starry cast” he refers to also includes Mary-Louise Parker, Dylan McDermott, Heather Graham and Elisabeth Shue — who plays a horny cougar that takes Wolff’s character’s virginity.

Gomez , who has won over audiences in the past (see: “Barney & Friends,” 2002), will likely shoulder much of the blame if the bad reviews hold steady, but it doesn’t mean she’s entirely to blame.

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Selena Gomez is adorable and manages to float away unscathed,” writes RogerEbert.com’s Sheila O’Malley. “But other than that, it’s an unfunny comedy, populated by irredeemable sociopaths.”

Sadly, the “adorable” young actress has seemingly starred in yet another colossal clunker.