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‘Sergio’ Star Wagner Moura on His Ambition to Produce Films About Latins (Video)

Sundance 2020: ”The great thing was to to make people aware, especially of who this guy was,“ Moura tells TheWrap’s Steve Pond

“Sergio” actor/producer Wagner Moura and the filmmakers behind the film dropped by TheWrap Studio at Sundance to discuss the film’s subject — Brazilian United Nations diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello. Moura, who hails from Brazil like Vieira de Mello, opened up about his ambition to produce films about Latins.

“I have this ambition, this dream, of producing films about Latin people that don’t bring forth stereotypes,” Moura told TheWrap’s Steve Pond.  “This film is kind of based on a book about Sergio and for me that was the best way to start that kind of dream.”

“Sergio is a Brazilian, and I’m Brazilian, and it’s very important, especially considering the moment of Brazil is going through now to have him as an example of a man who had empathy which is something that I feel many world leaders nowadays would benefit a lot from,” added Moura. “The great thing was to to make people aware, especially of who this guy was.”

Brazilian United Nations diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello has an extensive resume: assistant high commissioner for refugees, special representative of the secretary-general in Kosovo, transitional administrator in East Timor. It’s 2003 and his latest role as high commissioner for human rights sees him traveling to Iraq to lead peace efforts under President George W. Bush. As he tries to balance heightening tensions on the ground with his desire to spend more time with his partner, Carolina Larriera, the unexpected and tragic happens, forcing Sergio to reflect on his 34 years of service to the UN and, more importantly, on the woman he loves.

Festival veteran Greg Barker transforms his documentary of the same name (2009 Sundance Film Festival, Documentary Editing Award) into a gripping work of fiction that honors Sergio’s legacy by portraying him in his fullness.