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Seth MacFarlane Explains Geek Westerns to ‘The View’

”A Million Ways to Die in the West“ director also sparred with Whoopi Goldberg about her ”Star Trek: The Next Generation“ character and killing off Brian on ”Family Guy“

Seth MacFarlane explained to “The View” Thursday why he is revamping the Western comedy genre.

“The Western genre always focuses on the John Wayne, the Gary Cooper, the tough guy. And you never see the person who is maybe on the sidelines. Too chicken to get into the gunfight. The loser, the nerd. So we thought the nerds would be the sheep farmers,” MacFarlane said. “So it focuses on a loser in the Old West.”

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“I love that you still have the pop culture culture things, like the ‘Back to the Future’ car,” co-panelist Jenny McCarthy said.

“Well, now you spoiled it, haven’t you?” MacFarlane said.

“Not at all,” McCarthy said.

MacFarlane said he forgave her.

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After a brief awkward moment, Whoopi Goldberg changed topics and asked about the death of Brian the dog on “Family Guy.”

“Were you shocked by the response?” Goldberg asked. “People really flipped out.”

“It was interesting. when he came back three episodes later, they said this is because we asked for it, ” MacFarlane said. “You caved! And the shows take a year to produce. Each episode takes a year to produce.”

MacFarlane, a well-known Trekkie, later told Goldberg he enjoyed watching her as Guinan on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

“But they never resolved your relationship with Patrick Stewart on the show,” he said. “There was a line, we’re beyond friendship, we’re beyond family, so you’re either a dominatrix or his accountant.”

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