Seth Meyers Accidentally Disses His Writers While ‘Day Drinking’ With Post Malone (Video)

Meyers and Post Malone also play celebrity, mix tattoo-themed cocktails and draw fake tattoos

Looks like Seth Meyers might be buying drinks for his writers after he recovers from the latest installment of “Day Drinking.”

Meyers brought back the bit — where he and a celebrity guest drink during the day time, talk, and playt games — on Tuesday’s episode of “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” and this time the guest was rap star Post Malone. And you probably won’t be surprised to discover that Malone was able to drink quite a lot without faltering.

Meyers, meanwhile, accidentally misread the setup for a part where he made cocktails for Malone and thought the writers had messed up. Luckily, he made sure to apologize (he’s a class act) and either way, it was pretty funny.

You can watch the whole clip above right now.

So first, as they drank shots, Meyers and Malone played a game where Meyers asked Malone several questions about himself (Meyers), with Malone drinking whenever he got one wrong. Sorry Seth, I watched it but I can’t remember the title of your Netflix special either.

Then Meyers moved on to the bit where he made cocktails for Malone inspired by Malone’s tattoos.

“True or false, do you have a tattoo that says ‘tired no more,’” Meyers asked.

“Always Tired,” Malone corrected.

“What?” Meyers asked, looking pretty anxious while asking.

“Same thing,” Malone replied, laughing.

“You have, um, a tattoo that’s ‘always tired.’ So our team got the first tattoo wrong,” Meyers quipped, before pouring the cocktail called “Tired No More.”

” Which is the tattoo I’m gonna make those f—ing dummies get,” Meyers continued as Malone laughed.

“I think it’s pretty good, you could sell it,” Malone said.

“And the good news is, we can sell it because the name’s available,” Meyers replied sarcastically.

Right after this, the segment edited in a clip where Meyers corrected the record. “I misread the intro. These are based on [Post Malone’s] tattoos, and I should have known that your tattoo was ‘Always Tired,’ because I’m reading it,” Meyer said. (The tattoo is on Malone’s face.)

“So, I do want to apologize to my writers, who just give their all every day. My goodness, the effort they put into this show. And uh, yeah, so, so sorry,” Meyers added as Malone cracked up.

After this segment, they played a game called “Post It,” because get it? Post Malone? Anyway, “Post It” is basically the party game known as “Celebrity,” where people put a post-it note with a celeb’s name on their forehead and try to guess who it is based on clues other people give them.

After that, Malone drew a bunch of fake tattoos on Meyers’ face with a sharpie, based on things Meyers says he likes. Then they wrapped it up with a drunken rendition of “Where Everybody Knows Your Name,” the theme song from the classic sitcom “Cheers.”