Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers Debate David Copperfield’s Penis: ‘Magic’ or ‘Hung Like a Rhinocerous’ (Video)

Vegas magician gave Samberg a pretty epic bachelor party present

Former “Saturday Night Live” cast mates  and close buddies Andy Samberg and Seth Meyers reunited on Monday’s “Late Night,” where they discussed magician David Copperfield’s penis and their favorite “SNL” moment together.

The guys went to Vegas for Samberg’s bachelor party, where the Copperfield had a pretty sweet backstage gift for the comedian: a floating Dick in a Box, referencing the famed “Saturday Night Live: Digital Short,” co-starring Justin Timberlake.

It was an ample-sized box. “He was either using magic to make it float, or he’s hung like a rhinoceros,” the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star said.

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Samberg and Meyers later recalled how giddy they were to get the real Nicolas Cage to do “Weekend Update: Get in the Cage,” where the action star faced-off with doppleganger Samberg.

However, the two funnymen certainly do not see eye-to-eye on all humor. Take the long “SNL” history of fake-barfing, for example. We’ll let the duo debate that for themselves in the video below — you can probably guess which one of them is for and which one is against.

Watch the clip: