Meyers Roasts George Santos for Spending Campaign Funds on OnlyFans and Botox: ‘Is He a Congressman or a Lesser Kardashian?’ | Video

“He’s got the shopping list of a 98-year-old oil tycoon’s 20-year-old wife,” the NBC host jokes

After an investigation into how Congressman George Santos actually spent his campaign funds revealed that the money went to botox, designer goods and more, Seth Meyers is convinced Santos might secretly be a Kardashian.

In a scathing 56-page ethics subcommittee report released this week, “a complex web of unlawful activity involving Representative Santos’ campaign, personal, and business finances,” was revealed, showing he fraudulently used campaign funds to feed an extravagant lifestyle.

Among the expenses found in Santos’ records were spa days, trips to Atlantic City, the Hamptons, and Las Vegas, botox and “smaller purchases at OnlyFans.” And the NBC host got a pretty big kick out of that part.

“It’s quite a list. Botox, Atlantic City, OnlyFans and designer goods — is he a congressman or a lesser Kardashian?” Meyers mocked. “He’s got the shopping list of a 98-year-old oil tycoon’s 20-year-old wife.”

The late night host also delighted in the fact that the few remaining Republicans who supported Santos are now also calling for his expulsion.

“He alienated his only fans by spending money on OnlyFans,” Meyers joked.

One thing Meyers definitely didn’t appreciate though was an MSNBC reporter calling the revelations “pretty shocking news” from Santos.

“Is it? It’s damning and brazen, but is it shocking?” Meyers scoffed. “He pretended he was a star volleyball player at Baruch College, and wore a stolen scarf to a ‘Stop the Steal’ rally. Anything you do or say after that is no longer shocking.”

You can watch the full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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