Seth Meyers Delights in ‘Very Karmic’ Nikki Haley Candidacy: Even Trump Feels Like ‘Why the F– Are You Still Here?’ | Video

“He wants her to go away so badly,” the NBC host says

Nikki Haley is ramping up her direct attacks on Donald Trump as she remains in the Republican race to become president, and Seth Meyers is loving it. The “Late Night” host delighted in the “karmic” aspect of her candidacy on Monday night, but did admit that some of her words are “a little rich” considering that she once worked for Trump.

To kick off his “A Closer Look” segment, Meyers reminded viewers that Haley is indeed still in the race, even though she’s “easy to forget” about. He also reminded them that, at the very least, Haley is serving to annoying Trump, which Meyers himself is pretty tickled by.

“I will say, there is something very karmic about her candidacy,” Meyers said. “Like, you know how Donald Trump is so irritating to the rest of us? How we wake up every day asking ‘Why the f— are you still here?’ That’s how Donald Trump feels about Nikki Haley! He wants her to go away so badly.”

Meyers suspects that Haley’s recent attacks specifically on Trump’s mental state and his reactions to her optimism are what’s getting under the legally troubled ex-president’s skin the most, but noted that there’s a certain irony to Haley homing in on that.

“Now, calling Trump unhinged is both correct, and a little rich coming from Nikki Haley, who worked under Trump as his U.N. Ambassador in 2017 and 2018 — a time no one recalls as the hinged years,” Meyers joked. “The books about that time have titles like ‘Peril’ and ‘Rage,’ not ‘All Good!’ and ‘Fully On The Hinges!’”

He continued, “So apologies, that when you say unhinged, we don’t lean forward and say ‘Tell us more, Nikki!’ I get that your probably don’t watch this show, but we’ve been saying that for 10 years.”

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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