Seth Meyers Doubts Trump Is a Kremlin Agent: ‘The Loudest and Slowest Human Being Alive’ Can’t Be a Spy | Video

“The man has no stealth,” the NBC host jokes

Despite Donald Trump’s vocal admiration of Russian president Vladimir Putin, Seth Meyers is pretty confident that Trump isn’t actually working for the Kremlin. But that’s just because the “Late Night” host thinks Trump would be “a horrible spy.”

To kick off his “A Closer Look” segment on Monday night, Meyers recapped some of Trump’s oddest moves when it came to foreign policy, including shoving his way to the front during a NATO summit, refusing to shake Germany’s former chancellor Angela Merkel’s hand for a photo op, and more.

But Meyers particularly latched onto Trump’s meeting with Putin in Helsinki, during which, Meyers joked, Trump. “looked happier than he’s ever looked in his life.”

“He’s smiling like a guy on ‘Maury’ who just heard the words ‘You’re not the father,’” Meyers joked. “Or, ‘You are the father,’ if the child in question was Vladimir Putin. Trump would be so psyched if Putin was his son.”

The “Late Night” host then joked that all of Trump’s actual children would be acutely aware that Putin was their dad’s favorite, before admitting that he doesn’t actually think Trump and Putin are working together.

“I will say, I do not think Trump is some sort of secret Kremlin agent. Mainly because, he’d be a horrible spy,” Meyers said. “For one thing, the man has no stealth, he’s the loudest and slowest human being alive. This is a man who literally eclipsed the queen.”

From there, Meyers pulled up a clip of Trump in England with the queen, prior to her passing, in which he walked directly in front of her, blocking her from view of the cameras entirely.

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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