Seth Meyers: Forget Ebola, Americans Are in Grave Danger of Contracting ‘Fearbola’ (Video)

The “Late Night” host describes the symptoms of an epidemic spreading across the U.S.

Seth Meyers warned his viewers Thursday night that while being infected with Ebola is unlikely, “Fearbola” is a serious threat in this country.

Media coverage of the Ebola outbreak has stricken many Americans with an irrational fear of catching the deadly disease, despite the extreme improbability of actually contracting the virus the U.S.

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The “Late Night” host welcomed “doctor” Henry Bogosian from the Center for Disease Control on to break down what to look for should you come down with “Fearbola.”

“If you dive under your desk every time you hear a sneeze, you might have ‘Fearbola,’” Bogosian said. “If you’re so afraid of Liberians you refuse to return your overdue books, you might have ‘Fearbola.’ If you think Africans should stay in Africa, you might be a redneck, and you might have ‘Fearbola.’”

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Most at risk for catching “Fearbola” are children, as they have a tendency to hear things wrong.

“If a child hears their parents talking about Ebola, they may lie awake at night, terrified that they’re going to die from granola or Coca-Cola or the throat lozenge Ricola,” Bogosian told Meyers.

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The only people who are immune from catching “Fearbola:” doctors, people with basic medical knowledge and anyone whose cable is out.

“So because of that, Time Warner customers are especially safe,” Bogosian said.

Watch the video from “Late Night with Seth Meyers” above.