Seth Meyers Mocks Laura Ingraham for Calling Cassidy Hutchinson Testimony TV ‘Audition Tape’ (Video)

‘You voted for a literal reality show host!’ Meyers said

In the wake of former Trump staffer Cassidy Hutchinson’s damning testimony to the Jan. 6 committee earlier this week, many Trump allies have sought to undermine her authority. That includes Laura Ingraham, who said Hutchinson’s testimony sounded like an “audition tape” for a daytime talk show – something Seth Meyers took particular delight in pointing out the irony of on Wednesday’s “Late Night.”

During his “A Closer Look” segment, the host tore into Fox News opinion hosts at large, calling out how “stunned and flailing” they seemed in the wake of the latest hearing. “They just cycled through a bunch of different lines from screaming about media bias to claiming everyone knows Trump gets angry to dismissing Hutchinson as a low-level staffer who supposedly had ulterior motives,” Meyers argued. But he took particular issue with Ingraham’s comments.

“It was like she was auditioning for a seat at ‘The View’ or ‘The Real Staffers of Pennsylvania Avenue,’” Ingraham said of Hutchinson’s testimony. “It just seemed like an audition tape.” At that, Meyers baulked.

“You voted for a literal reality show host for president!” he exclaimed. “Did you dips—s just memory-hole the fact that before he was president, Trump spent most of his time in a fake boardroom yelling at Gene Simmons and Lisa Rinna over there flailing hotdog business? It was his last job before president!”

Meyers also poked at Stephen Miller – a former senior advisor to Trump – for his attempt to discredit Hutchinson, in which Miller called her “an extremely junior low-level aide” who he doesn’t recall having ever spoken to.

“No, avoiding conversations with Stephen Miller is not proof that you’re a low-level aide. It’s proof that you’re a human being afraid of being eaten Hannibal Lecter–style,” Meyers joked. “Now, of course, I don’t believe he’s actually human. I think he’s an enchanted doll from a horror movie that came to life when a witch cast a spell during a lightning storm.”

You can watch the full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.