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Seth Meyers Gets Surprise Visit from Ersatz Sam Nunberg (Video)

”Late Night“ writer John Lutz played Nunberg, who wanted to tell Meyers just how drunk he was on Monday

During Seth Meyers’ monologue Tuesday night, the “Late Night” host discussed the Sam Nunberg situation, where the former Trump campaign aide spent the entire evening giving interviews on TV news networks in response to receiving a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller.

Nunberg’s moment of fame was a fascinating one, to say the least, with the ex-aide saying that Trump “probably did something” to warrant the investigation, while also dishing out insult after insult about anyone and everyone who has been associated with the Trump administration and the preceding campaign.

But Meyers didn’t just talk about Nunberg — midway through his remarks, Meyers got a visit from Nunberg himself.

It wasn’t the real Nunberg, of course, but rather “Late Night” staff writer and “30 Rock” alum John Lutz impersonating him. Lutz’s Nunberg wanted to speak to Meyers to explain how he got into that situation on Monday.

“We’ve all been there, Seth. You know when you got a bar and say ‘I’m just gonna have one’? Well, that was my plan last night. I’m just gonna call into CNN,” Lutz’s Nunberg said. “Then one CNN leads to an MSNBC, then that leads to another CNN, and the next thing you know you’re passed out on a Citi Bike.”

“So in this analogy the talk show appearances were like drinks,” Meyers replied.

“Yes. And I also had a lot of drinks,” the ersatz Nunberg continued, referencing the common suspicion that Nunberg was drunk during his appearances, with CNN host Erin Burnett even telling him that she smelled alcohol on his breath. “And let me tell you, nothing is worse than when you wake up and find a piece of paper in your pocket, and your first thought is maybe a nice lady gave me her number, but then you open up the paper and it’s a f—ing subpoena.”

Nunberg then put some of the blame for the whole saga on the networks who allowed him to talk for hours and hours without cutting him off.

“At least at a bar they say, ‘Hey man, maybe you’ve had one too many,'” Lutz’s Nunberg said. “I mean, I’m a 36-year-old man who thought Donald Trump would make a good president. I can’t be trusted to make my own decisions!”

You can watch this and the rest of Seth Meyers’ monologue on Tuesday’s “Late Night” in the embedded video above or on YouTube.