Meyers Says McCarthy Didn’t Clap for Biden’s SOTU Because When He Does, a ‘Call From Donald Trump Gets 11 Minutes Longer’ (Video)

“And somehow the ring gets louder when he calls, too?” Meyers joked

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made a very unsubtle effort not to applaud at any point during President Biden’s State of the Union address this week, and Seth Meyers is pretty sure he knows why. The “Late Night” host suspects McCarthy was simply trying to avoid having to be on the phone with twice-impeached former president Donald Trump for longer than necessary.

During his “A Closer Look” segment on Wednesday night, Meyers made sure to point out that McCarthy even refused to applaud when Biden condemned the January 6 attacks on the Capitol and “said nice things about democracy” during his speech. But, like we said, Meyers is pretty certain it was just a self-preservation tactic.

“That’s the face of a guy who knows that every time he claps for Joe Biden, his phone call from Donald Trump gets 11 minutes longer,” Meyers mocked. “And somehow the ring gets louder when he calls too?”

That said, Meyers’ roasting mostly focused on Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, both for her outfit choice and her behavior at the speech. At various points in the segment, he likened her outfit to “an old rappers first wife” and a woman who’s “leaving her entire fortune to her cat.”

He took particular joy in the fact that Greene opted to heckle Biden from the literal back row of the chamber, screaming at a man who was both on a podium and had a microphone.

“That was like watching a rap battle between Eminem and Shy Ronnie,” Meyers joked, referring to a beloved SNL character.

You can watch Seth Meyers’s full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.