Seth Meyers Says He’s ‘Psyched We’re Back’ to Trump Press Conferences From Planes and Other Hard-to-Hear Places (Video)

“You need to speak up dude. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but take a cue from Mike Lindell,” Meyers mocked

Twice-impeached former president Donald Trump is starting to really get his next campaign underway, and that means he’s been flying all over the country to speak to Republican audiences. During some of those flights, he’s been making statements about his plans and competitors — and Seth Meyers is super glad that he is falling back into his old habit of issuing statements in places where he can barely be heard.

Over the weekend, while flying from one campaign stop to the next, Trump went on another one of his tirades about disloyalty in the GOP, this time specifically calling out Florida governor Ron DeSantis. According to Trump, if DeSantis does declare his candidacy for president, it will be a “disloyal” move.

Of course, because Trump was mid-flight while he ranted, the video is quite loud, with Trump’s voice competing with noise from the plane.

“First of all, so psyched we’re back to Trump doing press conferences in places where we can barely hear him,” Meyers mocked. “You need to speak up dude. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but take a cue from Mike Lindell.”

The late night host then added that Trump’s words about DeSantis are actually pretty tame, for now. If DeSantis were to declare he’s running, Meyers suspects Trump would get much more personal — especially if he sees the photo of DeSantis helping out after Hurricane Ian in his white boots.

“‘You know, it’s not fair, many people are saying Ron stole those fancy little boots from the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders,’” Meyers joked, using his Trump impression. “‘And he should give them back! It’s not nice. Those poor cheerleaders, they have nothing to wear now. They have to cheerlead in their bare feet, so sad.’”

You can watch Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.