Seth Meyers Laughs At Trump Becoming the Anti-Gun Monster He Claimed Obama Was (Video)

“Republicans got their dream president and now he’s just blurting out their worst nightmares,” Meyers said.

Last Updated: March 2, 2018 @ 6:28 AM

On “Late Night” Thursday, host Seth Meyers devoted his “A Closer Look” segment to discussing the mass confusion gripping the government this week over Donald Trump’s reversing of his stance on gun control, while more dirt about Jared Kushner keeps coming to light, and Trump’s ongoing feud with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

In short, this week has been a lot.

Meyers reviewed the meeting between Trump and lawmakers on Wednesday where Trump advocated taking away guns from people who have had a “gun violence restraining order” filed against them but before the complaint has actually been heard by the court.

“So Republicans, including Trump, spent eight years spinning unhinged fantasies about Obama trying to take people’s guns away, and then yesterday as Vice President Mike Pence was discussing the idea of gun violence restraining orders, Trump just blurted out the exact thing he falsely accused Obama of doing,” Meyers said before playing a clip of the exchange, in which Trump suggested they “take the firearms first and then go to court.”

“Republicans got their dream president and now he’s just blurting out their worst nightmares,” Meyers continued. “We’re like a week away from Trump driving up to the White House in a Prius blasting the “Hamilton” soundtrack and wearing a t-shirt that says #RESIST.”

Meyers also discussed Trump’s reported new out-of-date nickname for Jeff Sessions: Mr. Magoo, after the cartoon character from the 1950s.

“Now, according to the Washington Post, Trump has privately come up with a new insult for his attorney general. ‘Behind the scenes, Trump has derisively referred to Sessions as Mr. Magoo, an elderly cartoon character who is elderly myopic and bumbling.’ I’m sorry, but Sessions is not Mr. Magoo. Mr. Magoo is an old incompetent rich guy who gets himself in trouble through ineptitude and shortsightedness and yet through sheer luck and blind confidence never seems to face any consequences. You the Magoo!”

For these jokes and more, check out the video embedded above which contains the entire “A Closer Look” segment from Thursday’s “Late Night.”