Seth Meyers: Republicans Are ‘Whiniest Little Babies in the World’ About Kamala Harris (Video)

In a new “A Closer Look,” Meyers was not impressed with the Republican response to Biden choosing Kamala Harris as his VP

As expected, Kamala Harris has gotten the full treatment this week from Republicans and the extremist right-wing talking heads at Fox News after Joe Biden picked her as his running mate on Tuesday. And on Thursday night, Seth Meyers took a few minutes in a new “A Closer Look” to reflect on how terrible their attacks on Biden and Harris have been over the past couple days.

As always, “Late Night” had a bevy of clips of conservatives whining about Kamala Harris and Biden, showing, to give one example, Sean Hannity making jokes about Biden’s home office setup for the video call where Biden “officially” offered Harris the vice presidential slot.

Meyers also honed in on a tweet from White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany declaring that “It’s fitting that the man who thinks he can win a presidential campaign from his basement chooses to announce his VP pick online. Sleepy Joe is once again calling it in!”

“Good point, Kayleigh. The internet is just a passing fad. The future is all about network television. Also did you forget that the guy you work for uses Twitter so much he had his phone surgically attached to his face?” Meyers zinged before pointing out a pretty dramatic bit of hypocrisy in McEnany’s inane whining.

“Not only did Trump announce his VP pick on Twitter in 2016, the dude even fires people on Twitter because he’s too scared to talk to them face-to-face.”

Then “Late Night” popped up a series of headlines noting times Trump had fired cabinet members over Twitter, such as former secretary of state Rex Tillerson and former national security advisor John Bolton.

“If Trump ever dumps Pence from the ticket, we’re going to find out from a tweet that says, ‘Can someone ask Mike to bring me a Diet Coke before security escorts him from the building?’” Meyers quipped.

Donald Trump also got in on the whining about Kamala Harris, and Meyers gave it the attention it deserved.

“And then there’s Trump, who tried maybe the dumbest attack of all. The only thing he could come up with was complaining that she was too mean to Brett Kavanaugh,” Meyers joked.

“Late Night” then pulled up a series of clips of Trump doing just that, with the highlight being Trump claiming: “I thought she was the meanest, the most horrible, most disrespectful of anybody in the US Senate.”

Meyers couldn’t handle it.

“These guys love to joke about ‘liberal tears,’ but they are the whiniest little babies in the world. Trump sounds like he’s sniffling to his mom after getting home from the playground. ‘She was the meanest most horrible most disrespectful bully, she gave me a wedgie,” Meyers said.

“You really think that’s the winner? She was mean to John Hughes villain Brett Kavanaugh? The guy who looks like he’s in a ‘Where Are They Now?’ about the preppy bad kid from ‘The Goonies’?”

You can watch all of the “A Closer Look” segment from Thursday’s episode of “Late Night With Seth Meyers” in the video embedded up at the top of this article, or on YouTube here.


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