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Seth Meyers Drags Arizona House Speaker for Saying He’d Vote for Trump Again: ‘Are You Addicted to Testifying?’ (Video)

”I mean, what the hell, the guy tried to make you do a crime, and you’d still vote for him?“ Meyers said

Seth Meyers devoted an entire segment to Russell Bowers on Thursday night, after the Arizona state House speaker went on record this week saying that he’d vote for Trump again — even after admitting the former president repeatedly tried pressuring him to overturn fair election results.

In an interview with the Associated Press the day before his testimony to the January 6 select committee, Bowers said that if Trump was running against Biden again in 2024, he would vote for Trump again. On “Late Night,” Meyers was particularly floored by the idea, considering how damning Bowers’ testimony has been for Trump aides, including Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis. And thus, Bowers became the target of Meyers’ segment called “Hey!”

“Rusty Bowers, what are you talking about? Did you not hear what you said?” Meyers questioned. “Come to think of it, this might not even be a ‘Hey!’ this might be ‘What the Hell?!’ I mean, what the hell, the guy tried to make you do a crime, and you’d still vote for him? You don’t look like a crime guy. You look like a guy who can smell weed smoke on a teenager’s clothes from like three blocks away.”

That said, Meyers did have one possible answer for why Bowers would consider voting for Trump again, and it was largely because of the January 6 hearings themselves.

“Are you addicted to testifying? Is that it?” Meyers joked. “I mean, I have to say you’re very good at it. You got the gravitas, you got the low glasses for looking down at your notes. What did your notes say, anyway?”

At that, a graphic popped up of what Meyers suspected those notes actually said: “Do not learn from this.” But, if that wasn’t the case, Meyers then speculated that perhaps Bowers simply got confused.

“Oh, wait, do you mean that Donald Trump? Because I don’t know if you know, but there are two of them,” Meyers said. “Of course, that would conceivably be even worse. It would be like if you asked for Coke at a restaurant, they said ‘Is Pepsi OK?’ Or ‘How about Pepsi with rat poison in it?'”

The late night host had one final option on the logic of Bowers’ comments, this time comparing him to dads across America.

“I mean, are you one of those grouchy old guys who can’t admit they made a mistake? I’ll bet that’s it,” he joked. “You’re that dad who puts together a piece of Ikea furniture without looking at the instructions and insists you got it right.”

You can watch the full “Hey!” segment in the video here and above.

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