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Seth Meyers Tears Into Trump for ‘Rambling Nonsensically’ at Pennsylvania Rally (Video)

”Just mumbling Obama’s name like ‘Obama’ was the name of his childhood sled,“ Meyers joked Monday night

On Monday’s “Late Night,” host Seth Meyers spent an extra long, 11-minute “A Closer Look” segment examining the big political moments of the weekend including Donald Trump’s rally on Saturday in Pennsylvania and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s “60 Minutes” interview on Sunday night.

Though the headline quote from Trump’s speech was when he called “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd a “son of a bitch,” Trump’s theatrics were hardly limited to that bit, as Meyers noted some of the other weird parts.

“Trump is, of course, so obsessed with earning the praise and validation of the media, that at one point during his rant on North Korea, he literally just started rambling nonsensically about President Obama, claiming Obama would not have been able to arrange a meeting with Kim Jong Un.”

“Late Night” then rolled a clip of Trump bragging about how he’s going to get a meeting with Kim while Obama never did. And by the end of that thread, he just started uttering Obama’s name repeatedly.

“Just mumbling Obama’s name like ‘Obama’ was the name of his childhood sled. His presidential diaries are going to look like the manuscript from ‘The Shining,'” Meyers said as he showed an image of a page that just had Obama written on it over and over. “Of course, one major difference between Obama and Trump is that for Trump the presidency isn’t actually a job, it’s just a performance. And on Saturday, he defended his performance by playing make believe on stage and acting out what it would be like if he were less unhinged and more subdued as president.”

At this point, they played a clip of perhaps the most outwardly disconcerting part of the speech, in which Trump looked like he was impersonating a robot.

“I have to say, he might be the only white comedian who does a white guy voice,” Meyers joked. “But Trump’s ranting about North Korea and being presidential tells us a lot about his shock announcement last week that he had agreed to a summit meeting with Kim Jong-un. Now it’s undeniably better to be on a path toward peace than a ramp-up to war. And if Trump somehow manages to fall ass-backward into a peaceful resolution with North Korea, then that is absolutely a good thing. And if that happens, I will be the first to admit, okay, he wasn’t Darth Vader, he was Mr. Bean.”

You can watch the entire 11-minute “A Closer Look” from Monday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers in the video embedded at the top of the post.

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