Seth Meyers Mocks Trump for Not Saying ‘April Fools’ in Prank Email: ‘Why Can’t You Do Anything Normal?’ | Video

The ex-president simply said “Just Kidding”

Donald Trump joined in on the mischief of April Fools Day on Monday, except he didn’t actually say “April Fools.” And that really bugged Seth Meyers on Tuesday night’s episode of “Late Night.”

For his joke, Trump sent an email out to his supporters, with a subject line reading “I’m suspending my campaign…”. But, when they actually opened the email, the actual message said “Just Kidding.”

“‘Just kid’– I think you mean ‘April Fools,’” Meyers said. “Why can’t you do anything normal?”

The “Late Night” host then used his Trump voice to take the joke even further, mimicking, “I’m suspending my campaign. Faked you out! On this, the opening day of the month after March.”

Now, in fairness, the actual email — at least according to images on social media — did reference the holiday. The full text was “Just Kidding – Happy April Fools Day!” Of course, the common thing to say after an April Fools Day prank is, well, “April Fools.”

Elsewhere in his monologue, Meyers worried about the fact that Trump apparently has access, at least for now, to the names of jurors in his criminal hush money trial.

“That’s like giving Cruella de Vil the address of the local animal shelter,” Meyers joked.

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full monologue in the video above.


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