Seth Meyers Mocks Trump Fundraiser Menu: ‘So Many Foreign Words, I’m Surprised He Didn’t Have It Deported’ | Video

“There’s also nothing on that menu Donald Trump would ever actually eat,” the NBC host jokes

Donald Trump hosted a fundraiser for mega-donors on Saturday night, featuring a very fancy menu. But, on Monday night’s episode of “Late Night,” Seth Meyers couldn’t help but marvel at how “foreign” those fancy foods were, joking that he’s surprised Trump didn’t have the menu deported.

According to CNN, donors in attendance at the fundraiser paid almost $1 million per person (which, as Meyers quickly pointed out, pretty well debunks Trump’s old brags that he didn’t want or need other people’s money for his campaign and wouldn’t take it). That fee got them a 45-minute group address from Trump, as well as a menu that included “an endive and frisée salad, filet au poivre, and pavlova with fresh berries for dessert.”

“That menu had so many foreign words, I’m surprised he didn’t have it deported,” Meyers joked.

Indeed, Trump has ranted about the “languages coming into our country,” and how “nobody” speaks them. That said, Meyers definitely doesn’t think Trump actually likes those foods — probably.

“There’s also nothing on that menu Donald Trump would ever actually eat,” Meyers said. “Or maybe, those are secretly his favorite meals, and his love of fast food is just a ruse for his supporters. After all, we’ve never seen him eat fast food. He just takes pictures with it like some kind of reverse Instagram influencer.”

The host then called up an old photo of Trump seemingly about to dig into some chicken from KFC, suggesting that maybe the bucket of chicken was just a disguise, covering “a bucket full of vichyssoise.”

“Vichyssoise would be his favorite soup. If you read the Steele dossier, we know he loves leeks,” Meyers joked, very obviously going for a pun on “leaks.”

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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