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Seth Meyers: ‘Trump and His Inner Circle Are Serial Habitual Liars. They Lie Constantly and They Do It on Purpose’ (Video)

Meyers was fed up during his discussion of Trump and Giuliani’s constantly changing story about the Stormy Daniels situation on Monday’s ”A Closer Look“

The whole Stormy Daniels situation that just refuses to go away and that’s at least partially because Donald Trump and his people are so awful at acting like it’s no big deal. In a new edition of “A Closer Look” on Monday’s “Late Night,” Seth Meyers had more than enough of all this as he explained Trump and Rudy Giuliani’s inability to keep their stories straight.

“Trump’s story about paying hush money to a porn star has taken more twists and turns than, well, a porn star,” Meyers joked to open the segment. “As you may recall, the president originally insisted that he had nothing to do with the payment, didn’t know anything about the payment, and didn’t know where his lawyer Michael Cohen got the money to make the payment. While Cohen himself claimed he never told Trump about the payment, and Trump never reimbursed him.

“Then Trump hired Count Chocula’s bookie as his lawyer, and he went on TV and completely blew up that story. Giuliani told everyone that Trump had reimbursed Cohen for that payment and that Donald Trump did know what it was for. And then the next day Trump himself tweeted that Cohen had received a monthly retainer from which he entered into, through reimbursement, a non-disclosure agreement with Daniels. So that’s where things stood as of Thursday. Then, for some reason, Trump talked to reporters on Friday and tried to walk back Rudy’s comments, which he had already confirmed with his own tweets, by claiming Rudy didn’t know what he was talking about.”

“Late Night” then played a clip from CNN of Trump very nonchalantly making the following assertion: “Rudy is a great guy, but he just started a day ago. But he really has his heart into it. He’s working hard. He’s learning the subject matter. He started yesterday. He’ll get his facts straight. He’s a great guy.”

Meyers then made the joke Trump set up for him — that Trump was talking about Rudy Giuliani like he’s a teenager working his first job.

“Yeah! Give the kid a break. He’s only 73 going on Nosferatu,” Meyers joked. “He’s a former mayor and U.S. attorney who’s now the lawyer for the president of the United States and Trump talks about him like he’s a trainee at Chipotle. ‘Excuse me, my burrito fell apart.’ ‘I’m sorry. He just started yesterday. He’s a great guy. Rudy, you gotta tuck the tortilla! I’m sorry. He’ll learn. He’s a great guy.’ ”

Meyers then spent the remainder of the 12-minute segment going through several more Giuliani interviews in which he awkwardly kept talking himself into corners and failing to get out of them without saying something worse.

The climax came when Giuliani told George Stephanopoulos on Sunday that it wouldn’t be strange at all for Cohen to make those payments on Trump’s behalf without telling him because he’d done so many times before and it had always worked out. When Stephanopoulos asked if that meant Trump had made a habit of using Cohen to pay off women, Giuliani gave this reply: “I have no knowledge of that, but I would think if it was necessary, yes.”

“Oh my god, Rudy, what is wrong with you?” Meyers exclaimed at the end of the clip. “It’s almost like he challenged himself to confess to at least one crime per interview. Soon he’s just going to start cold calling TV shows to tell them about illegal stuff Trump did. ‘Hello caller, you’re on QVC.’ ‘When Trump was a real estate developer, he took kickbacks from the mob! Also, how much is that pinkie ring?’ ”

And that’s when Meyers made his point very plainly.

“What this episode should make blindingly obvious — as if it hadn’t already been obvious for years since he first claimed that President Obama wasn’t born here — is that Trump and his inner circle are serial habitual liars,” Meyers said. “They lie constantly, and they do it on purpose. This particular case is as clear-cut as you can possibly get. The media needs to just call these what they are — lies.”

You can watch the entire “A Closer Look” segment from Monday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” in the video embedded at the top of this post.