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Seth Meyers Wants to Remind You That Trump Is Currently President, Not Biden (Video)

In a new ”A Closer Look“ on Monday, Meyers ripped Republicans for being ”the party of personal responsibility except when the person is Donald Trump“

Seth Meyers has spent a lot of time the past couple months ripping into Donald Trump and his Republican Party for campaigning as though Biden is the incumbent and Trump is the challenger. But they keep doing it, and so Meyers opened his latest “A Closer Look” on his NBC show Monday night on that topic.

“Donald Trump and his allies desperately want you to believe that for the last four years, Joe Biden has been the president,” Meyers said to kick off the “A Closer Look” segment. “For example, last week the Trump campaign released an ad with the text: ‘This Is Joe Biden’s America.’ I mean, he does live here, but that’s about it. By the same token this is Ben Affleck’s America. Or Cue Card Wally’s America.”

That last bit being a reference to the guy who holds up the cue cards for “Late Night With Seth Meyers.”

Meyers then queued up a clip from this week’s episode of “Meet the Press,” In which GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tried to deflect host Chuck Todd’s questions about how anyone could actually believe Trump’s handling of the coronavirus was any good at all.

“I will just tell you right now, if Democrats were in charge, if Joe Biden had his way, go look at his statements in January when he said the president was being xenophobic and hysterical for closing the borders to China,” McDaniel ranted, to which Todd interjected that Biden is “not the president.”

“No, he was running for president and he had the same data and the same information,” McDaniel claimed.

“So I think it’s disgusting to take a crisis in our country and try and lay it at the feet of the president.”

Meyers was confused about a couple different aspects of McDaniel’s comments.

“First of all, I’m not sure Biden did have the same data and information as the sitting president. With that said, Trump probably never looked at that data, so maybe that’s what she means?” Meyers joked. “‘Joe Biden has access to cable news and Twitter, just like the president!’

“And I’m not sure it is disgusting to take a crisis in our country and lay it at the feet of the guy who’s in charge of our country. what other options do we have? Should we just leave a negative review on Chipotle’s Yelp page? That hardly seems fair. Seriously, you guys are the party of personal responsibility except when the person is Donald Trump.”

You can watch the “A Closer Look” segment from Monday’s episode of “Late Night With Seth Meyers” in the video embedded in this article.