Seth Rogen on ‘The Interview’ Fallout: ‘We Just Wanted to Make a Really Funny, Entertaining Movie’ (Video)

During an interview on “GMA,” writer and star of the Sony comedy says it’s the responsibility of others “who are much smarter” than him to have assessed the risks

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Seth Rogen‘s controversial assassination comedy “The Interview” may have been a catalyst for the crippling Sony hacks, but the star has no regrets.

“At this point, it’s too late to have any [second thoughts],” he told the hosts of ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday. “We set out to make a movie that was really entertaining to audiences and I genuinely think we did that. And that’s where my job ends.”

Rogen said that it’s the responsibility of others “who are much smarter than me” to have analyzed the possible repercussions of making a film like this.

He co-wrote the film and stars in it alongside James Franco, but he doesn’t know whether it was responsible for the massive breach of the studio’s privacy.

“I can’t definitively say I know the ramifications of the storm. I mean, I don’t know if the hacking honestly is because of our movie, definitively or not,” he continued. “I know that it has been the center of a lot of media attention lately. It is weird because we just wanted to make a really funny, entertaining movie and the movie itself is very silly and wasn’t meant to be controversial in any way.”

Franco and Rogen also joined Monday morning’s “Howard Stern Show” and blasted media outlets publishing private information obtained from hackers.

“It’s stolen information,” Rogen told the radio show. “I think it’s fucked up that anyone is talking about it. And I’m OK talking about my shit, honestly, because I don’t fucking care that much and the stuff that was stolen from me on the grand scale of shit is not that bad, but it’s fucking stolen.”

As TheWrap previously reported, Sony Pictures Entertainment requested on Sunday that all news outlets cease publishing any information obtained from the leak. Studio co-chair Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin have both had to issue apologies after having their emails hacked, including an exchange between the two that included racially insensitive comments about President Obama.

Watch Rogen’s video interview.

“The Interview” opens Dec. 25.