Seth Rogen Decries Sha’Carri Richardson’s Suspension: ‘If Weed Made You Fast, I’d Be FloJo’

Richardson is facing a 30-day suspension for failing a recent drug test

seth rogen Sha’Carri Richardson

An expert has added his perspective to the Sha’Carri Richardson situation. Seth Rogen is defending the track star following her suspension from the U.S. Olympic Team after testing positive for cannabis use, slamming Team USA as “insane.”

He also pointed out something pretty much everyone agrees with: “If weed made you fast, I’d be FloJo.”

“The notion that weed is a problematic ‘drug’ is rooted in racism,” Rogen wrote, “It’s insane that Team USA would disqualify one of this country’s most talented athletes over thinking that’s rooted in hatred. It’s something they should be ashamed of.”

“Also if weed made you fast, I’d be FloJo.” he added, likening his prolific drug use to the legacy of track and field legend Florence Griffith Joyner.

On Thursday evening, Enquirer’s Tyler Dragon, emphasized that Richardson’s test yielded no traces of steroids, leading other commenters to echo Rogen’s point that weed is not a performance-enhancing drug and therefore has no reason to be demonized in the sports world.

Beyond Rogen, Richardson’s one-month suspension has revived the decades-old debate over the criminalization of marijuana, particularly as it pertains to marginalized communities.

In the interview with Today’s Savannah Guthrie, Richardson explained that using marijuana has helped her cope with the recent death of her mother, which she says was as “triggering” and sent her into a “state of emotional panic.” Ultimately, Richardson acknowledged that her choices were still her own.

“I apologize,” she said. “As much as I’m disappointed, I know that when I step on the track, I don’t represent myself. I represent a community that has shown me great support, great love, and I failed you all. So I apologize for the fact that I didn’t know how to control my emotions or deal with my emotions.”

In addition to her superstar athletic ability, Richardson became a fan favorite through her vibrant personal style on the field and a sweet viral video in which she embraced her grandma after qualifying for the Olympics. Although Richardson can no longer compete in the 100m in Tokyo, there is still a chance she will be able to compete in other races.


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