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Seth Rogen Tweets 10 Facts About ‘Superbad’ on Its 10th Birthday

Danny McBride’s cameo, how the show influenced ”Jersey Shore,“ and more

A decade on and “Superbad” remains one of the funniest comedies of the current century. The coming of age pic written by Seth Rogen‎ and ‎Evan Goldberg hit the ten year milestone today, and to celebrate Rogen distributed 10 facts about the film from his Twitter account.

Many of them have long been public knowledge, or more recently have been, like how his mother came up with the statutory rape joke at the end of the film. Even so, they make for a fun look at the film. For instance, we did not know the MPAA told the production they were the first to use the word “fingerf—-” in a film (which confirms the Academy definitely doesn’t evaluate porn). We also did not know Danny McBride is an extra.

Also, shocker: the film’s title is the result of weed consumption. This startling fact surely shakes you to your core, as it should.

See the whole thread — which among other things delivers some unexpected O.J. Simpson-related trivia — below. (Warning: as is the norm with Rogen, the thread has plenty of salty language.) And while you’re at it, why not go and take a look at 14 “Superbad” actors and where they are today.