Sharon Stone Shares Her ‘Basic Instinct’ Audition Tape (Video)

The 1992 thriller shot actress to stardom

Sharon Stone Basic

Sharon Stone posted the ultimate flashback on Wednesday, sharing her audition tape for her 1992 classic, “Basic Instinct.”

In the video, the actress runs lines with director Paul Verhoeven who stands in for lead actor Michael Douglas. Stone brings to life the character of Catherine Tramell, the film’s femme fatale and prime murder suspect. She pretends to smoke a cigarette, takes a sip from her drink and flirts and teases her way through the lines.

“Basic Instinct” followed a police detective (Douglas) who is investigating the brutal murder of a rock star. During the investigation, he becomes involved in a relationship with the prime suspect, Catherine Tramell (Stone).

The film generated controversy due to its depiction of violence and sex, but it still became one of the most financially successful films of the 1990s, grossing $352 million worldwide. A sequel, “Basic Instinct 2,” was made with Stone but without Verhoeven.

In 2014, Stone said the part was “not an easy part to get. They offered it to 12 or 13 other women who turned it down. So it wasn’t like I got there and everyone was like, ‘Yay, she’s here!’ It was like, ‘Mm.’ But I knew walking on that set that I was enough.”

Watch her audition tape below.