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‘She’s All That’ Actor Elden Henson Learns of Remake News From TheWrap, Shares Freddie Prinze Jr. Memories (Video)

The ”Daredevil“ star sits down to discuss new Marvel-Netflix series during new episode of TheWrap’s ”Drinking With the Stars“

Elden Henson‘s new show “Daredevil” is generating a lot of buzz but suddenly, so is another project of his from 15 years ago.

TheWrap broke the news to Henson that a remake of “She’s All That” is in development during a new episode of “Drinking With the Stars,” and the actor revealed whether he’s game to be in the new film.

“I think it’s great!” Henson said. “I really do. I had the good fortune to be in some movies when I was younger that, for whatever reason, people identified with or related with. That’s one I’m really proud of… Yeah [I would want to be in it.] I have a nine month old, I would take any job right now!”

The actor also shared that he and the other castmembers have crossed paths in the year’s since the film’s 1999 release. For example, he recently did a guest spot on USA’s “Psych,” which is led by “She’s All that” co-star Dule Hill.

Henson also recalled what it was like working with Freddie Prinze, Jr., who starred in the film as a popular guy tasked with taking a plain Jane (Rachel Leigh Cook) and making her popular.

“I just remember Freddie Prinze, Jr. being the nicest guy in the world,” he said. “To the point where at first I thought, ‘hmm there’s no way anyone could be this nice.’ But he really is one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met.”

Henson stars as Foggy Nelson on Netflix’s Marvel series “Daredevil,” which premieres Friday, Apr. 10.