Shia LaBeouf Adds Freestyle Rapping to His Many Skills (Video)

He’s that guy, though — all pride, yo

Shia LaBeouf
Getty Images

Shia LaBeouf: Actor. Performance artist. Overall curiosity. And now, as it turns out, freestyle rapper.

America’s reigning Renaissance man added yet another feather to his cap on “Sway in the Morning” this week, displaying his rapping skills in a rhyme-spitting frenzy.

Stepping up to the mic, the former “Even Stevens” star bravely accepted the show’s “Five Fingers of Death” freestyle challenge and handled it like a champ.

“Get ready, get set, this a meme/This is wild, this is a childhood dream,” LaBeouf rapped.

The actor continued, “I’m that guy, though/all pride, yo.”

As you should be, Shia. As you should be.

What’s next for LaBeouf — a run at the presidency? Pretty-please?

Watch LaBeouf  rock the mic in the video.