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Cheat on Your Spouse at My House, Says Strange Man on Craigslist (Podcast)

Our latest ”Shoot This Now“ podcast talks about a not-at-all-creepy invitation

“Are you having a long-term affair yet are sick of the high-cost and sterility of corporate hotels? If so, I have something to offer you.”

Those are the opening lines from an unusually weird Craiglist post from a “single unobtrusive middle aged man who works in the hospitality and catering business.” He says he wants to open his Echo Park home to you — as long as you’re having an affair.

The ad inspired the latest episode of “Shoot This Now,” the podcast in which Matt Donnelly and I talk about stories that should be made into movies.

The setup: A man in the hospitality industry wants to invite you, an affair-haver, to use his home for your secret hook-ups. You definitely don’t need to worry that he’s lurking around and/or recording everything you do, because, as he promises, the house will be totally empty.

You can listen on iTunes or Spotify or right here. (There’s a link to the actual ad in the show notes for the episode.)

Another way to listen? Right here:

Actually, the house won’t be totally empty: Your spouse will provide snacks, beverages, and potentially more. For a mere $700, plus “start up expenses.”

The mystery man behind the post does have a few rules, which you can read about. One of them: “Married people are strongly preferred.” So if you’re just cheating on a boyfriend or girlfriend, please bear that in mind. He’d rather you be cheating on your husband or wife.

The mysterious Craiglist man did not respond to our request for comment.