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Ever Thought ‘This Should Be a Movie’? You Might Like Our ‘Shoot This Now’ Podcast

TheWrap’s new podcast debuts with a never-before-told story about a strange night with John Mayer

Have you ever heard a story — or lived through one — and thought “This should be movie?” Yes, you have. And so have we, which is why we’re launching the “Shoot This Now” podcast.

As the last humans who don’t have a podcast, Matt Donnelly and I realized that we had to start one immediately. Fortunately, Matt had a strange story kicking around about the time John Mayer mistook him for someone else — and then they hung out all night. It dominates the first episode of “Shoot This Now.”

What will this podcast be like? Matt and I will waste no time pitching each other (and you) different stories we want to see onscreen. But we’ll also get into weird showbiz gossip and namedrop and try to start silly feuds we’ll quickly regret.

We don’t want to give away what we’re planning to talk about in future episodes, but you’ll enjoy them if your Google alerts include the words “nudist,” “ghost,” “donuts,” LAPD,” and “Cambodia.”

If you’re an iTunes subscriber, you can listen here, and feel free to subscribe and leave a five-star (why not?) review.

Not an iTunes subscriber? Listen here, or below, especially if you’re one of those extremely unsettling people who listen to podcasts while sitting at a desk.

We hope you like “Shoot This Now.” If you have any ideas for future episodes, feel free to send it my way at tim@thewrap.com. Thanks.