ShortList 2016: Finalists Talk About Selling Wedding Rings to Pay for Projects (Video)

The filmmakers behind the 12 contenders for TheWrap’s fifth annual contest recount their financing challenges to CEO Sharon Waxman

No matter the length of your finished product, there’s nothing easy — or cheap — about making a movie.

That was the lesson the finalists in TheWrap’s fifth annual ShortList Film Festival shared at an awards ceremony Wednesday night at YouTube Space LA.

Jim Cummings discussed the lengths to which he went to raise money for his short, “Thunder Road,” the winner of the Creators League Prize.

At one point, he said, he even sold the wedding rings from his recently dissolved marriage to help fund the project.

Other winners included Maïmouna Doucouré’s “Maman(s),” which picked up the IMAX Industry Prize, and David Hansen’s “Slingshot,” which earned the Audience Award by receiving the most votes from viewers visiting the ShortList website since nominations were announced on August 9.

Watch the video above.