How TV Showrunners Are Handling COVID Storylines: ‘Do People Really Want to Watch This?’

”What is going to be the reality? You’re writing for something that’s gonna be on the air five or six months later,“ ”The Good Doctor“ boss David Shore tells TheWrap

One of the tough realities of 2020 is that there’s no escaping the coronavirus pandemic, even on TV. As broadcast television makes its slow return this fall, viewers will be treated to stories about pandemic on shows that range from comedies like “The Conners” and “Superstore” to dramas such as “NCIS: New Orleans” and “This Is Us.”

No longer limited by government stay-at-home orders and restrictive Zoom-style formats, television shows are finding increasingly diverse ways to reflect the realities of this so-called “new normal,” without any guarantee that this is what viewers will want to see when they turn on their TVs at night.

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Reid Nakamura

TV reporter • • Twitter: @reidnakamura