Sia Gifts Favorite ‘Survivor’ Contestants $130,000 After Season 44 Finale

The “Chandelier” singer is a longtime superfan of the CBS reality competition series

Sia attends ELLE's Annual Women in Television Celebration
Sia attends ELLE's Annual Women in Television Celebration (Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty Images)

Pop singer Sia has once again taken her “Survivor” fandom to the next level by gifting $130,000 to her three favorite Season 44 contestants.

After Wednesday’s finale brought the latest season of the CBS reality competition series to a close, Sia presented second runner-up Carolyn Wiger with $100,000 and third and fourth runner-ups Carson Garrett and Lauren Harpe with $15,000 each.

The “Chandelier” performer crashed Pop Crave’s video interview with Harpe to notify her of the prize, leaving her shocked and confused before revealing her identity.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, I just wanted to say that I love you, Lauren, and I wanted to tell you that you’re awesome, and I really felt the struggle for you and your kids and stuff,” Sia said in the video. “I wanted to give you not the biggest prize, but I wanted to give you $15 grand just to say, ‘I love you’ and, ‘Keep going.’”

“It’s a tax-free gift, so that’s good,” Sia continued. “That means, I pay the taxes on it, you don’t. That’s the most I could give you tax-free… I just love you so much, and I’m sorry that you missed out right at the end. I really thought you played a good game.”

Sia also thanked the contestant for representing single mothers watching the show and told her that she would “help over the years.”

“Thank you so much; I truly appreciate you,” Harpe said in response. “Just to know that you worked so hard to get to where you are and to share that with me is so special… Thank you for considering me.” 

This is not the first time Sia has rewarded “Survivor” contestants she felt a connection with. The seasonal tradition began in 2016 and has been continued over the years, including when the pop star gave Season 43 contestants a cumulative gift of $200,000.